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design & development service

We provide a full professional design and development service from the feasibility/viability of a site through to the design and implementation of the project infrastructure and new homes.

Our clients vary and include councils, land owners, developers and community groups.

Projects typically consist of between 5 and 50 homes. These can vary in size from tiny homes to medium-density housing blocks and will be Custom Build and/or Self Build and/or architect designed homes.

For each project we will manage a series of co-design workshops resulting in a “community vision & values” document with building/landscape “design code” and masterplan. Through the design stages of each project we will offer/ facilitate a range of additional options to the community.

We can also offer a partial service - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

co-designed community project
CLT layout

To help with the co-design process,
we create a number of community models with a “menu” of potential options.

The options listed and shown in the diagram are not an exhaustive list of what can be included in a project and it will vary depending on the client or community group and what the site can offer. The list should be used for inspiration and as a checklist to ensure all the different options have been considered. It’s also ever evolving.

The setting doesn’t need to be rural, the same master- planning design strategy is used within a city centre or suburban context and so the scale and materials will vary to suit.

The unique professional service we offer is broken down into three distinct stages:

A: a feasibility/viability study & draft proposal on a specific site identifying the full potential scope of the project;

then determine whether to continue to the next stage...

B: a series of well managed co-design workshops resulting in a community vision & values document with design code and masterplan; and

C: an implementation package from planning submissions, the creation of a “plot shop” through to the full design drawings and specification

stage A:  feasibility/viability & draft proposal

site feasibility & viability study

Once a site has been identified as being potentially available for a community housing project, we would obtain OS mapping and undertake a site investigation including a planning assessment with desktop studies on land contamination and ecological aspects.

To understand the full potential of the site and identify any constraints, we’ll produce a project scope document, develop a draft masterplan showing approximate housing densities and numbers, create an aerial view CGI visualisation and then submit a pre-planning application.

The cost for this element of work ranges from approximately £2,000 ex VAT for a more basic study (based on a 1 acre site, that could potentially accommodate an average of 20 homes) to approximately £12,500 ex VAT for the full service.


A full breakdown of costs and options is available.

We then present the option to proceed to the next stage, creating a co-designed community-focused project, or allow our client/stakeholders to choose a more traditional development route.

stage B:  co-design & design proposal

co-design workshops and design proposal

Following a positive response from the Pre-planning Application, we will then add the project to our website portal and it will be offered to an existing compatible group (already registered with us) or offered to anyone that is interested.

Once we have at least 50% of the potential households registered we will commence with the co-design workshops over a 2 month period. The outcome will be a clear vision for the project, a masterplan, design code for the buildings and architecture and a typical plot passport if the project is to consist of Custom and/or Self Build homes.

stage C:  implementation

planningapplicatio and plot shop

The final stage starts by producing a full Planning Application with Reserved Matters for the home designs (if Custom or Self Build homes). Site reports are commissioned as required. The project is updated on the website offering any remaining plots (but stating that they’re subject to Planning Permission).

Once the project is approved, the detailed design is completed and the working drawings are produced with a full specification. The ground works and infrastructure is then tendered and procured, together with any building work.

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