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"Your Cosy Home"
a pop-up retrofit shop

With existing homes being responsible for 18% of our carbon emissions, energy prices and fuel poverty ever increasing, plus the huge health problems attributable to our poor quality housing, this is a place where people can find out more about low-carbon domestic retrofit and how to make homes more energy efficient, healthier and cosy.

The first pop-up retrofit shop will appear in Manchester city centre in the very near future!

pop-up retrofit shop front image.png

raising awareness

The key aim for the shop is to raise awareness, explaining why retrofitting our homes is vital in de-carbonising the UK. There will be clear infographics with sample materials showing what can be achieved.

The exhibit will identify and provide support to 3 different audiences - homeowners or landlords; designers, surveyors, engineers or other building consultants; and contractors and installers.


There will be free impartial advice and links to training workshops and other resources including sources of funding.

The shop will also incorporate a retail element making it easy for people to purchase the materials and components on display.

pop-up retrofit shop exhibition.jpg

The shop is roughly 4.5 x 4.5m in size and will consist of a series of exhibition boards with plenty of materials and samples on display.

It will be open to visitors on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and then can be booked in advance by our sponsors on the other days of the week.

There will be a meeting table with 4 chairs, plus a coffee machine!


12 sponsors / 12 months... 

To help us to get our pop-up shop up and running in the New Year, we're looking to raise the final £12,000 to cover the fit-out costs.

In exchange for £1,000 sponsorship, we will provide the following:

  1. free use of the shop one-day-a-month (equivalent to just over £80 / day) where you can meet clients/customers, other consultants, etc.

  2. your company/organisation on display in the shop & on this website as one of our supporters/sponsors

  3. a mention / thank you in all of our training workshops and courses

Please feel free to get in touch with Ric ( / 07976 704 532) if you would like any further details, and would like to pay £1,000 in sponsorship for the first 12 months.

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